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Now Self Hosted - #7

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Hasty Paste EOL

As of today I am announcing the official End Of Life for Hasty Paste. The latest update V1.10 will be the last update that I will be developing. I don’t find myself using this project much and want to focus on some other cool projects! Such as Note Mark. I feel I have left Hasty Paste in a good state as it is feature complete. I am open to accepting anyone that wishes to maintain this project you can reach me here.

Self Hosting Experience - 2024

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The Year 2023 Conclusion

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Note Mark V0.10.0 Update

Another update to Note Mark! Take a look at the new editor toolbar, the all-in-one Docker image to make deployment easier and the new ability to upload your own assets into a note. Check Note Mark out here: github.com/enchant97/note-mark. Changes 🔗Added 🔗 All-in-one docker image, highly requested feature to make deployment easier Recent notes are now on the home screen Note assets, upload and use assets in your notes User management via CLI Changed 🔗 Fully featured editor toolbar, now also follows you down the page Update Docker image versions New syntax highlighting for markdown editor Fixed 🔗 Ensure some fields never get converted to JSON Ensure every time a note is modified the updated time is changed Full Changelog: https://github.

Now Self Hosted - 6

Come and read the 6th issue of Now Self Hosted at: enchantedcode.co.uk, as it’s now published!